Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

No snappy title for my I-visited-Alicia-in-Eugene entry. Oh well. No biggie. I'm tired.

Now, after my latest day with her, I understand a bit better the dynamic between myself and my friend/ former girlfriend Alicia:

You've read Calvin and Hobbes. Well, imagine if Calvin and Susie A) were older and B) had dated. It's kind of like that. We sort of resonate off each other, getting weirder and louder. After several hours with her today, I realized I'd gotten a little hoarse.

It was a good visit. I took her to the county fairgrounds, to the Eugene (Oregon) Public Library's Annual Used Book Sale (happening at the same time as a model train show, a builder's sale, and a gun-and-knife show. Crowded fairgrounds, I tells ya). I found $16.50 worth of used books, a tape of Stephen Moore reading Life, the Universe and Everything, and an LP from Bill Cosby. After that, we lunched at the Glenwood next to campus, visited various pets Alicia happily associates with (she's good with animals), and laughed mightily at the Incredibles short "Jack-Jack Attack."

(Oh, and shadesong? Another reason you'd like Alicia: she raved about how much she'd loved the film Boondock Saints. BOONDOCK FREAKIN' SAINTS. I never imagined she'd ever even hear about it, let alone see it. Okay, now I definitely need to watch that finally...)

She also treated me to homemade snickerdoodles. Yay!
Tags: books, peregrinations

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