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Joining the Emerson Army

I'll attend a radio show's listener party tomorrow night.

I'm now a listener of The Rick Emerson Show. The geeky fix that is this show makes me laugh during the day. Tomorrow night at 7:00, Rick Emerson and his cohorts will host Emerson History X (yes, named after that film), the show's tenth listener shindig. (I wonder if they're already pondering some sort of This Is Spinal Tap theme for the eleventh party. Maybe entering past a replica of Stonehenge...) It's at Barracuda, on NW 2nd between Burnside and Couch, and where I went to the Livin' Large party back in 2005.

I know not what to expect. But I'm gonna try to be more social than at my last radio-related shindig...
Tags: portland, radio

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