Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Smartass Sweethearts of the world unite! (Thursday's party)

Here's a thought on the good time that was Emerson History X last night:

As I sort of say in the bio on my LJ profile, many of my favorite people are smartass sweethearts.

Portland radio host Rick Emerson is a smartass: very quick, very funny, sometimes very cynical but not to that deadening extent I see in so many cynics, and very geeky-enthusiastic on a large number of things, whether it's Meat Loaf or the perfection of The Iron Giant.

During the party, for me and a few hundred of his fans, Emerson presented two rock bands, showed off memorabilia from his radio career (including hate mail, a human skull and a cell phone that had to be retrieved from a toilet by sledgehammering said toilet), and even did pushups. He barely did ten, then got upstaged by his friend and CNN Radio reporter Jim Roope, who did 21.

Also, Emerson said that he wished another friend of his, CNN Radio correspondant and fellow geek Lisa Goddard, had been able to attend. As Goddard is currently on assignment in Blacksburg, VA, covering the aftermath caused by an armed asshole (yes the profanity is appropriate, I'd say), Emerson instead had all of us film a video greeting for her. We cheered screamingly for her. I yelled "We love you, Lisa!" I'm sure I'm not the only one.

And in that moment, I had the confirmation that Emerson is a sweetheart, too.

(I'd've called this "BYOD (Bring Your Own Debauchery)," but I left before things at the party got nuts. Yes, I suck.)
Tags: portland, radio

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