Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me no writes so good when tired

Can tired people make other people tired by proximity? I ask because I picked up Mom and Dad at the airport yesterday 2:30-ish, when they had been awake for 12 hours and were exhausted, and today after what felt like a good night’s sleep I still felt tired beyond what I expected. I was out of it at work today; at lunch I first sat down in a lobby chair, then worried that I’d fall asleep and snore the afternoon away, so I got to my feet again. I was too uncomfortable to sleep on the bus heading home, but I kind of wish I had, ‘cause a traffic jam meant we needed half an hour just to get off Pill Hill.

But now I’m home. Dinner awaits, and so does the bed. All needed, all good.

Speaking of good, some of what was good yesterday: pulling up to the Arrivals area right as Mom and Dad left the terminal; getting news from them of how, heh, entertaining my nephews are (with photos!); swinging out to my cousin Cindy’s place to give her pix of her graduation; getting enjoyably messy eating breaded halibut with real strawberry lemonade and a side of Walla Walla Sweet Onion Rings at Burgerville; making a detour to Fry’s Electronics because I had time to kill and wanted to see the films they play on their giant screens (including all three Harry Potter films); and getting home.
Tags: portland, work

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