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I've cranked up the LP player again. I'm starting to listen to a box of LPs from my parents and their parents, to see which discs I'd like to keep and which others I should pass along. (Or use for decoration: back in 2004 I took an elegantly-labelled but scratched-to-hell LP and hung it on my apartment wall.) So far I've listened to Simon & Garfunkel's Bookends, easy-listening song albums by Perry Como and Andy Williams, and a short LP of Christmas songs played with organ and chimes.

This is because I'm on a cleaning-and-sorting kick. Lots of letters and cards I've gotten from people are now in folders instead of in piles. Stuff's thrown out. My Rick Emerson Show bumper sticker is now up at my desk. (I've never put a bumper sticker on an actual car.)

Other than that, my day's highlights have been the walk to breakfast and then watching extras on the DVD of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (fun film). Things have been quiet, in a good way.

Hoping things are good for all for you...
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