Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Spamming the Tram

(Ooo! I could get all David Gerrold-y and give this a title like "A Saga for a Sign"...)

Hello, my fellow profanity appreciaters: Turns out you can swear at the OHSU Aerial Tram from the ground.

A Portland man who is upset that his backyard is visible from the Tram put up a sign on his roof reading "FUCK THE TRAM."

When the city told him that such a sign violated code, he moved it to the inside of his fence where it's still visible to the riders.

I saw the sign this afternoon. I took the Tram off of Pill Hill after work, a little after 5:00. And the full message was there (though the first word was removed when KATU News got shots of the moved sign; I wonder if the station got the footage later, or if it got it earlier and the man put back that word).

Several of my fellow passengers (adults all, at least chronologically) sought out the sign, and we found it on the fence. Our general response: amusement. "It's not going to be good on days schoolkids do field trips," a man said, chuckling. "I'd tell them it's 'Duck the Tram,'" a woman added.

I have other thoughts, related. Maybe I'll write them later. They don't seem to be forming yet. Still: there's some public profanity for y'all.
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