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How punchy am I? Let me count the ways.

I was at work -- in the office, in OHSU's corridors, on the tram -- for over 12 hours today, finishing the OMG OMG GOTTA FINISH THIS stuff before my long weekend starting tomorrow. I'm a little punchy right now. And not just now: today I:

* Paraphrased "Both Sides Now" in a work e-mail.

* Did -- maybe I should say "visually quoted" -- the Real Genius "let's just take a step back" gag. ("Let's just take a step back. No, I was wrong, sorry, step forward. Step back...and...step forward. Step back...and then we cha-cha...").

* Prepared to cook bacon for breakfast while thinking of the raw bacon scene in Stephen King's novel Dreamcatcher. (I should add that that scene runs through my head almost every time I prepare bacon, so that wasn't directly tied to my odd mood today.)

* Grinned like an idiot when I turned on the TV briefly this morning and saw the beginning of Star Trek's "The Enemy Within." Wild-Eyed Kirk is Love.

* Heard radio guy Rick Emerson mangle the phrase "gas-guzzling" as "gus-gazzling" and thought "Gus Gazzling should be a stage name!"


* Coined the phrase "thunder-and-ninjas existence." Which you can see here.
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