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The triumphant return of 100videos

(I know, I know, how can you miss me if I don't go away?:)

Last year my LJ friend slipjig started the project 100videos, explaining and dissecting (and geeking out over) his all-time favorite 100 music videos (like the video that provided my icon), with links to each. The Viacom-YouTube kerfuffle, however, yanked many of those videos off the Web and sidelined his project, making me say (to quote that Beck song) "I'm sad, and unhappy."

However, as 'Jig himself says, things changed. (I'm sure people changed and hairstyles changed and interest rates fluctuated, but that's not important now.) And, slowly, he will get back into the swing of explaining why this, that, and the other music video is so freakin' cool.

This makes me all smiley.

Thank you, slipjig. I'm looking forward to the end result.
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