Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh, that gift I mentioned?

For reference, here is what was in the care package I sent to greygirlbeast last week:

* The S.J. "s00j" Tucker CDs Tangles, Sirens and Tales From the Road, her live album, with a note suggesting Caitlin start with Tales from the Road because Sooj's sense of humor is especially evident on it;

* A little plasticine figurine of Porky Pig dressed as an alien with a ray-gun;

* A clipping on Portland band the Decemberists, a band she likes;

* and a clipping about last year's "Maryhill Double" art installation way up the Columbia River a hundred miles from here, because it was a big, ambitious and audacious work that I thought she might appreciate.

Always I am trying to be better about giving gifts...
Tags: music

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