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To rewrite Oingo Boingo, Don't you ever wonder why/ I have this big pile of change?/ Big enough for stacks diverse/ Perhaps these funds I should disperse...

I've been collecting my pennies, nickels and dimes in a couple of containers for a couple of years now -- pennies in a glass jar, dimes and nickels in a cleaned-up Smart Balance Buttery Spread tub (16 oz.) -- and at some point I decided I'd donate it to a fund for Doernbecher Children's Hospital; the fund has tins at our campus cafés, so it's an easy donation. But I wanted to know how much change I had before I passed along that money.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have...$35.32. From not too much effort spread out over a good long while, I could pay for a couple of nice meals. But it can be a gift, too, and so it shall.

I'll take the change to work this week. It's all consolidated into two 16-oz. tubs. I could use them for freeweights. In fact, a few minutes ago, I did. Putting my money to work!

P.S. Quarters, save for one that had a small hole drilled through it, get their own special container for, of course, laundry...

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