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OK, the cure for not writing is writing, Chris, ya hear? So let's do something freeform so there's at least an entry:

Mine was a domestic, errand-runnin' day. Driving led me to the recycling depot near my home -- old newspapers and magazines are now in the proper recycling receptacles -- and then to Laughing Planet on Woodstock for an early-lunch burrito. I was the first customer today!

The restaurant is decorated with dinosaur toys. I grabbed a Pleiosaurus toy, in honor of trained paleontologist and mosasaur enthusiast Caitlin R. Kiernan, and brought it to my table (which already had a Triceratops). I thought of dinosaur-toy enthusiast Wash from Firefly/Serenity; I reminded myself that I probably could dress as Wash for Halloween some year (I could probably do his voice, too). I toyed with whether the costume should include something looking like it'd impaled me...

More not-exactly-excitement followed: returning library materials, filling out and dropping off my ballot for next week's election, and grocery shopping. And while I still had a car and that mobility, I swung over to one of the main post offices in inner SE. I went into the open lobby and dropped off some donated cans of food I'd meant to leave out this morning, but didn't get out to the mailboxes in time because the postal delivery person was early. Anyway, I figured the place was open, so that someone connected with the post office would see the cans and get them to the collection places. And, barring that, maybe someone who could use the cans got them. Or something.

And since then, my big excitement's been dinner and laundry. But it was good dinner, and I was productive 'n' stuff with the laundry, so that's good.

P.S.: E-mail server's being wonky again. I currently can send, but not receive, new messages. So don't think I'm ignoring you... (Oh if there were an eye-rolling emoticon!)
Tags: firefly/whedon, language, peregrinations

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