Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Because you expect me to explicate:

No one knows who, no one knows why, but my work desk was messed with sometime after I left work last night and before I arrived this morning. Stuff was shoved aside, shifted, and one thing was even broken (I think a piece of wall, maybe).

This is not supposed to happen, all three of my supervisors (yes, you read that right) assured me, and they gave me permission to raise holy hell should this happen again. To (I hope) put it most simply, my desk is basically a Customer Service desk serving the customer that is OHSU, so only someone from the company I work for is supposed to do anything there unless I give the OK.

And that wasn’t the only oddness of this morning, so I started off on the wrong foot and had to fight to make it a good day. Thank everything I did; and I thank some of my e-friends for delivering needed laughs.

Here’s the other odd thing: a woman on the bus said she needed to get to a certain building. OHSU has a complicated campus, so I volunteered to direct her the correct way, and she thanked me. We got off the bus, I pointed toward a corridor that was our first leg of the trip to the building that she specified, and she nodded then walked down a corridor ninety degrees away from the one I pointed towards. Stalled and slack-jawed, I was; my mind went, “Huh?” By the time I decided to follow her, she was gone, into a side room or another corridor or the elevators. I don’t know. I don’t really understand what happened. But it was quizzical-causing.

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