Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

There can be only one... (Obvious title. I'm a little tired.)

Oh, I was smiling by the end of Highlander.

I saw the action-fantasy film in less-than-ideal conditions -- a 21-year-old print (which the ticket-seller apologized for in advance; she put a sign at the cinema's front counter warning us it was in bad shape) with a rather muddy soundtrack -- and still enjoyed the hell out of it. It's clear how much fun Sean Connery had on the film, as the flamboyant mentor who explains to Connor what life will be like now that he's immortal. And I love when Connor first realizes what he can do as an immortal, and starts practicing his swordwork at the bottom of a Scottish loch (I thought "He can't drown. Kind of like Data!") Good times with the swords, too, with the sword fights getting more interesting and involved as the film goes on, the slight cheesiness of the fight near the collapsing walls notwithstanding. (The audience laughed a fair amount at the somewhat cheesy moments, but no one was MST3K'ing, thank goodness.)

And of course being a fan of both Michael Kamen and Queen, I was especially happy with the music: rocking and flourishing and lush. I "air-conducted" the orchestra a few times.

I honestly got a little emotional when I realized where and how Queen's "Who Wants to Live Forever" was used. It made me think of a friend of mine who's no longer with us, Mike Pearl, who was very fond of that song, as I am. So when Kamen's orchestral coda plays out over the scene of Connor burying his wife...that got me.

I wonder if Pearl ever saw Highlander. He probably would've liked it.
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