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More movie thoughts (mine, this time)

You know, to me, it doesn't yet truly feel like summer movie season.

I'm not filled with a burning desire to see any of the big releases so far. As much as several friends of mine liked it, I'd be content to wait to see Spider-Man 3 in a second-run place. (I do have the chance, though, to see the film at a new IMAX screen near Portland; that might tip me towards seeing it earlier.) Shrek the Third isn't grabbing me; I have a feeling waiting on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End would be fine; and I'm not really up on what's coming out in the next few months beyond Harry Potter and (this I'm genuinely hopeful for) Brad Bird's new Pixar film Ratatouille (I went "Hey! Janeane Garofalo!" while reading the Ain't It Cool News chat with Bird...which no longer seems to be on the site, oddly enough). And in recent weeks I've seen: Hot Fuzz, Waitress and Highlander, not exactly the films playing on ten gabrillion screens.

No major insight to this. And I'm sure my movie-reviewing friends and acquaintances have different feelings on the subject...
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