Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere

(Yes, I'm stretching the truth in the title so I can quote Johnny Cash...)

Out. About. That's what I was about today, y'all. That included some office time -- catching up on backlogged e-mails -- and grocery shopping this afternoon. And in the morning, at special request of my BPAL-lovin' friends shadesong and aoniedesade, I went to the downtown Hilton and its Grand Ballroom, where BPAL was among the vendors at the merch'-and-swag room for Convergence 13 (also known as the Goth gathering), and bought some of their stuff to send to Aonie and 'Song.

(Note to people, like my folks, who know even less of BPAL than me: it's a somewhat eccentric company that makes perfumed oils. "BPAL" stands for "Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab." It's a gothic J. Peterman for scents. (Note to people who know BPAL better than I: Feel free to cyber-slap me for that.))

Meanwhile, now I'm done with my work obligations until Tuesday. Score! Nice change from the Hermiston Herald, which published Tuesdays which meant I had to work Monday holidays, and the call center work that went on 24/7 no matter what was happening in the world, whether it was holidays or 9/11...
Tags: peregrinations

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