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Thank you, silliness; thank you, nudity

I went into my office midday Saturday to deal with a certain job that has to be done sssssslooooowlllllyyyyy and that I hadn't done at all during the week, but after that I got into my car and headed to my sort-of-vacation home: Mom and Dad's place, unoccupied because they're in Seattle this weekend. I was in the mood to laugh, a Dude, Where's My Car? sort of mood, and -- voila! -- I had that DVD, so I leaned back on a couch and roared repeatedly.

How can I not love a movie with a head-butting ostrich? Or dialogue like "You didn't have to go all eggroll on the speakerbox!" and "You picked the wrong transsexual stripper to cross!"? Or a swearing granny? Or Jennifer Garner smiling? Or Star Trek's Brent Spiner as a Frenchman? (Trivia! That film came from someone's idea to do a live-action Beavis & Butthead. Of course I'd like it!) Having needed a good laugh after what the last week's been like, I felt much better afterwards. The cable TV later showed Troy. I watched half of it. My reaction was "Meh"; I wasn't really feeling it. Mainly I wanted to see Rose Byrne naked. (No, the link is not to nudity! I have only workplace-safe links on my blog!)

In grooming news, I'm clean-shaven again, so my face is open to the world. I'm sure you were dying to know. Now I need a perm and I'd be one step closer to being Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween...