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Be nice, Chris.

I realized I needed to remind myself:

Chris, don't get annoyed with people who seem lost in the corridors at OHSU. You've worked on this campus for over two-and-a-half years. Most of the people you encounter, um, haven't. They may be visiting someone getting treated, perhaps emergency or at least unexpected treatment, so this often isn't the most planned thing, their being up there. And it's a large and famously confusing campus, a place where it's possible to go from the second floor of Multnomah Pavilion to the first floor of Sam Jackson Hall to the ninth floor of OHSU to the second floor of the Portland VA without ever going up or down stairs. What you know from experience isn't intuitively obvious. It wasn't intuitively obvious to your own self when you first poked around up on Pill Hill in fall 2004. Be nice.

And seriously? You can slow down. You sometimes start to stride, but that can lead to your getting into pedestrian traffic jams when people get bunched up. Stop that. At least stop that when you can. Remember the line from City Slickers:
"Hello, boys. Just thought I'd mosey on over here. Y'know, I've never moseyed before. I've walked, I've ambled, I even sashayed once, but that was in front of the Draft Board." patient. Always good advice. Channel Wash, if you need to. It'll help.
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