Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Google Probes the Depths

So it's been the sort of day where I look for reasons to laugh, and robyn_ma, who rocks, understood this and provided this link to goofy cats, and in that spirit...

...thanks to Searching By Google, you might laugh at Pulp Fiction by Dr. Seuss:

I would not eat Royale with Cheese,
So do not even ask me, please.
I won't eat fries with mayonnaise,
I would not touch them anyways.
I would not drink a five-dollar shake,
'Cause it gives me a tummy-ache.
If I snort some uncut smack,
Blood and mucus I will yak.
"Why don't you eat some pork?" you whine,
It's just 'cause I don't dig on swine.
Would you could you with a shrimp?
Would you could you with the Gimp?
I would not do so, but instead,
I think I'll blow off Marvin's head.
Tags: poetical

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