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I be ID'd, indeed

It's lucky I'm so darn recognizable, or that I look (and am!) trustworthy, because for months I didn't have a hospital ID. Several months ago I lost the one I first got as a temp at OHSU, back in November 2004, and I kept not getting around to replacing it. But today I finally got myself organized properly so that I could get it replaced.

I went to one of the smaller, more tucked-away buildings on Pill Hill, paperwork in hand, to get the new ID. There was a line, and I almost wound up in the wrong one (for parking and TriMet passes and the like) but got sorted out quickly. And was in the right place at the right time.

You get your ID photo taken there in that service area, with one of those cute little webcam-looking things sitting on the counter, and you sit in front of a bluish slate. Except for people whose ID needs a different, shall we say, signifier of access. Like the woman in front of me. Turned out that because she works in a particular pediatric area at the hospital, she needed a red background. And the red posterboard the office uses for those ID photos was, um, not findable.

Necessity gave birth to invention.

The clerk who was making this particular ID searched and searched, and when she couldn't find that posterboard she had an idea: her sweater vest was red! So a male clerk and I actually held said sweater vest right behind the woman's head, trying to arrange it to fill the background. That didn't work; it just wasn't big enough. The clerk put her sweater vest back on (yes, it's summer in Portland and OHSU employees are wearing sweaters; this place is very air-conditioned), disappeared back into the back rooms, and came out with the successful improvisation: two red folders stapled together.

It took some stage-directing for me and the male clerk to hold the red contraption in the best position, but finally the photo got snapped and printed onto the ID. I'd been helpful!

By the way, during this, the woman waiting for her ID photo looked at the other people waiting, noticed a guy, and said "His shirt's red." I said, "You, can't, go, there."

Now my ID's on a thick ribbon around my neck. My name, my job title (On Site Clerk), my company name, and the word "CONTRACTOR" in larger letters at the top. I feel so much more official now...
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