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This afternoon I finished my last read-through of The Night and the Land, Matt Spencer’s novel that he’s been kind enough to let me mark up with red-ink notes like “spell it this way” and “maybe say it this way” and “Rob saying ‘Can you smell what The Rob is cookin’?’ seems a little out of character.” And having completed three readings of the book, making new editorial suggestions each time, I called it “done like a doughnut,” copied it for my reference at Kinko’s and handed it over to FedEx, which’ll ship it out Monday.

Three weeks ago I sent Matt the first two chapters of the 328-page manuscript, partly so he could see what I had been doing. As he hasn’t sent hired goons to my door, I must have done an acceptable job. ‘Course, he hasn’t sent me hookers, either, so maybe I could’ve done better…

I’ve really enjoyed the book – you’d better if you’re going to read it that in-depth – but will say no more about it, not wanting to give stuff away. (Matt’s LJ site is happyspector, if you want to hear what he says about his work.)

Grocery shopping came next, and it really seemed more like an obstacle course at Fred Meyer than normal. Pulling into the Hollywood Freddy’s, I saw a car pulling out, and I thought, “Betcha he runs that Stop sign,” and sure enough he did, blowing through an intersection where I had right-of-way. His whole “car-body” language was inattentive. I was annoyed enough to honk. I wanted to honk inside the store a couple of times, too…
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