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Blinking myself awake (after a weird night)

Weirdly over-energized last night; Around 6 o'clock I realized I needed to burn that energy somehow, so I changed into sweats and started walking-with-occasional jogging. That turned into a nearly two-hour jaunt to the north end of my neighborhood and back; it surprised me that the walk turned out to be so long. And I was still over-energized.

(By the way, aoniedesade, that's where I was when you tried to call me.)

So I felt just off: and then I ate dinner late which probably threw myself off a little more. And when I was reading in bed, about to go to sleep, my left calf decided to experience a charley-horse. It took me about a minute to do anything more than grab the leg and go "OwOwOwOwOwOwOw"; after that I walked around gingerly, massaging the calf and figuring I'd be not quite ready for bed yet. Glad to say the leg didn't bother me much more after that, but yeef, Chris, stretch better next time!

So. Strange night last night. On the plus side, before bed I watched (and laughed my head off at) the last 20 minutes of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. "Go Hasselhoff!"

Midday today I donate blood...
Tags: blood, peregrinations
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