Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Comedy in Commuting

Often the road my buses take to get off of OHSU's hill gets backed up, and stop-and-go. So often the bus drivers will then pull over and let out those of us who'd rather walk. We did that on the #8 today, but before that was this:

Me (next to the back door, calling to the driver): Would it be safe to open the doors and let us off?

Bus Driver (didn't quite hear me): What?

Another guy: Can you let us off?

Bus Driver: Not here. The bicyclists, they come whipping by at 50 miles an hour.

Me: Didn't your mom tell you a million times not to exaggerate?

A Few Seated People: *chuckle*

Bus Driver: Okay. 47. Maybe 46.
Tags: portland, work

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