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Today the part of Neil Gaiman will be played by Maddy Gaiman.

This is smile-causing: Neil Gaiman and his youngest daughter Maddy are in Budapest, Hungary, visiting Guillermo Del Toro as he directs Hellboy 2. And Neil, temporarily, has given over the reins of his journal to Maddy.

Here's her first entry, including a Neil-snapped shot of Maddy in Amsterdam's airport huddled under one of Neil's famous leather jackets (see? they're functional as well as famous!).

Here's her second, with tidbits from the movie set.

This is the third entry. I like her entry title.

This is a smart and funny kid, this Maddy is. (Want more proof? Read this.)

Oh, and P.S.: I'm kind of using the "iAm iSaid" icon because, apparently, one time, Neil Gaiman was confused with Neil Diamond.

Monday 6/25 edit: She posted Sunday, too! In it she eats a big meal, sees Tori Amos, and makes fun of her dad.

Later edit: And Monday gets an entry, too. She has some squee re: the film version of her daddy's book Stardust...

Tuesday: Whose birthday? Holly's birthday! And Maddy celebrates with photos. Some of them goofy!

Wednesday: On location is where she is...

Friday: No Thursday entry, so she apologizes and brings us up-to-date about Budapest location shooting.

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