Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An Argh. Not a full Argh. Maybe point-oh-three-seven of an Argh.

A rare work post: Yesterday and today I've been madly updating our doctor database with the new residents at our hospital. The TWO HUNDRED NEW RESIDENTS AT OUR HOSPITAL. (As co-worker David said yesterday, "we've expanded a lot.") Almost done, thank everything.

Here's the very slight "argh" thing: there are some wonderfully-named doctors here, and as I'm an aficionado of cool names, I want to mention some. But that's info I can't share: it's company information that should not be on unsecured parts of the Internet. (The database is on a secure website. Occasionally I've updated it from my parents' computer. I'm glad I can trust my parents.)

I remember a couple of the writers I know (greygirlbeast and blubeagle come to mind) had the great suggestion of getting names from tombstones. Good idea. It's safer, for one thing.
Tags: work

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