Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Shift in Time

10:30 p.m. snuck up on me. I was still in Dundee at that point tonight (I'm home now), and surprised it was that late.

Then I realized that as I hadn't reached their place until just after 5, and in the five-and-a-half hours that ensued I did three loads of laundry, went out to dinner with my folks, listened to them watch the movie Breach and read more of Movies In Fifteen Minutes by cleolinda, that in fact I'd packed a decent amount of activity into that five-and-a-half hours. Had it all gotten done earlier, I'd've stepped slightly backwards in time at some point in the day.

My drive home was reasonably calm, and lit up by I think three bright objects in our solar system, the brightest being the just-risen full moon backlighting some wispy clouds. I also saw Venus; I wonder if I also also saw Mars, or if that light in the southern sky was another planet. Seemed too steady to be a star.

Shoot. No epic ending. But maybe my dreams tonight will have epic endings...

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