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Let the Wookiee win? No, let the rodent cook.

Ratatouille is a big-grin movie.

You like grinnin'? See it.

I have yet to hear anyone say something even middling about the film and I'm not gonna be the first to do it. Ratatouille, about (yes) a rat with gourmet taste who helps this schlemiel of a French guy to cook, is pure fun, and you can even learn things about the restaurant world (especially the kitchen world) while watching it. I love that a G-rated movie explains what a sous chef is. This might be the rare film that food appreciater Poppy Z. Brite (docbrite) would really, really like.

I also think I have a little crush on driven chef Colette. It doesn't hurt that she's voiced by Janeane Garofalo accomplishing a French accent.

And I give the movie major props for giving me a couple of really big surprises. I've watched enough films to quite a few times be able to anticipate what will happen next or, especially, what someone will say next (movie dialogue has to be short and to the point, and there are limited ways to be short and to the point), but near the end there are a couple of audacious images (one during the climax in the kitchen, the next one in the dining room) that made me laugh out loud: I did not see them coming, but they felt right. They're curveballs that connect and become homers.

Now I want to earn the nickname "Little Chef."

And the short that's running in front of Ratatouille, "Lifted," is science fiction with a sense of amusement and nice use of a really, really well-known sound effect (saying what it is is kind of a spoiler, and why would I want to spoil a few minutes of animation?), and composer Michael Giacchino clearly has fun making the music sound epic and then taking the piss out of that very same music. "Nicely done," as Riker told Picard...
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