Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An exhortation in favor of gourmet-loving rodentia (See Ratatouille!)

(originally written for prime_liquor: Why I recommended Ratatouille to Poppy Z. Brite and my fellow Prime Liquor people)

Doc? There's a good chance you'd enjoy the movie Ratatouille. A kids film that actually explains what a sous chef is, and that talks about the joy of good food in general, is good in my book! I just saw it, and grinned muchly. Think Cyrano de Bergerac with a rat who can cook guiding a guy who can't, and you have the bare bones of the plot...

The filmmakers consulted with chefs when making the movie, including Anthony Bourdain (I admit I was kind of hoping to see Chef Chris mentioned, too, yes I'm a fanboy dork, I admit it), and they incorporated that knowledge kind of the way you have, in your work that prime_liquor is here to honor. It works because the main human character Linguini is a noob at first (he starts as a janitor), so he wouldn't know much about the kitchen's social hierarchy or the cuts and burns he's going to get. (I love that veteran chef Colette gives him the lesson "The mark of a chef: dirty apron, clean sleeves!")

Honestly, I'm recommending the movie to you partly because I'd love to hear your opinion on how well it captured the world of restaurant kitchens. (I do know from one review that soup -- a plot point in Ratatouille -- doesn't get made in that big of a pot in a major restaurant like the one in the film.) But it might simply be a good time for you, too. And as you're an animal appreciater, you might really like the rodents who also star in the movie; they're given a lot of personality.

And by the way, watch for how subtly the film sets up the plot point of the Health Inspector.

So: We have a foodie movie in theatres. This is Of The Good.
Tags: film reviews

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