Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Happy things

Something I actually said in the office this week: "I think I was a Muppet in a past life." Could be why I bob up and down so much when I walk...

I seem to be getting over whatever weird time-dilution thingy was hitting me a few days ago; yesterday I hadn't quite realigned, thinking it was Saturday (even though I worked in the morning), but today definitely feels like Saturday and I'm relaxing well.

I'm visiting not only my folks out in Dundee, but my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill Weare, who are finishing a mainland visit before heading home to Guam. Aunt Nancy was also the bringer of news that made me smile and gasp, but I'll be a jerk and not say the good news because it makes sense to keep it quiet for now. When you can know, you will know. (And yes, I know I'm committing a LiveJournal sin. Live with it. I won't make a habit of it.)

Today happyspector should get his hands on the manuscript I mailed back to him a week ago, with my editorial work as done as it can be right now. Send good moving-to-a-new-home vibes to Matt and his housemates, if you feel so inclined...

We have parties happening soon. A week from today I'll be at my friend Michol's wedding here in Portland. Next month my cousin Amy/Max/Maximy/Maximus has a housewarming in Seattle. And in the fall I'll somehow make it to Lake Tahoe to see my cousin Steph -- who's absolutely one of the most adorable and lovely people I know -- get married to her fellow Peace Corps vet Paul. (I love that he proposed to her in sight of the Gaza pyramids. "Several million points for style," as Douglas Adams once wrote!)

So. Things are good.
Tags: books, out-of-context theater!, peregrinations, work

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