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YAY FOR CAITLIN! (This calls for capitals!)

I'm a happy, happy Caitlin R. Kiernan fan right now.

Ms. Kiernan, known 'round here as greygirlbeast, has finally been allowed to announce that this big secret writing project she's been working on over the past year is the novelization of the upcoming film version of Beowulf. This is the film that Robert Zemeckis has directed based on a screenplay by Roger Avery and Caitlin friend Neil Gaiman. And this is HUGE. This gets Caitlin's work in front of many more people, connected with one of the major films of the holiday 2007 season.

I've long felt that 2007 would be a big, good year for Caitlin. Who deserves it, especially after the slings and arrows of 2006 (long story). Good for you, Cait.

Today she's also celebrating her five-year anniversary with Kathryn "Spooky" Pollnac (a.k.a. humglum), a Northeastern photographer and dollmaker who used to live in Portland. So there's good news all around.

(Boy, I'm glad this news came in during a slow workday...)
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