Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Promotion! Pushing! Pimpage! (Two things, too cool)

I shall now promote two really neat things that friends of mine are making happen:

1) Attention Portland-area Firefly and Serenity fans!: Mike Russell, he of the Oregonian movie reviewage and the "Culture Pulp" comic-journalism strip and the strong, strong Firefly fandom, has announced that starting next Tuesday (7/10), the McMenamin's Mission Theatre will show two episodes of Firefly each Tuesday night at 10:00 until there ain't no more Firefly episodes. The shows will be introduced by radio guys Cort and Fatboy of 101.1 KUFO and Rick Emerson of AM 970. Admission is free. Beer and food are available. No minors, sorry.

2) Attention movie fans all over the place!: Dawn Taylor, she of the Portland Tribune movie reviewage, the LJs coffeeinhell and cinemasideshow and the strong, strong Firefly fandom as well, now has an online store of movie-related T-shirts. Choose from the three categories of "Cinema Sideshow" logo shirts, Words to Live By (movie quotes like "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."), and Funny/Smart (a grab-bag of designs that needed a home other than the first two categories). Declare your movie geekdom to the world!

I know cool people involved in cool things.
Tags: firefly/whedon, portland

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