Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Lazy Sunday Miscellany

I accidentally left my home water bottle in the freezer last night. I'm glad it didn't break (no carbonation; I've broken soda bottles by freezing them before), and of course thawing was all it needed to be useful (as a water bottle; frozen, it could've concussed a burgler). Over the day, the ice melted into a cool sharktooth shape. It's still kind of shaped like that, ten hours and some refills later, just much smaller.
Today, a day for cleaning, cleaning, cleaning: on my hands and knees wiping up the bathroom floor, which needed a little cleaning up (before I put down new bathroom rugs replacing the too-old ones that I'd slide on), two loads of laundry, and a baking soda scrubbing for my office water bottle. (I take my water delivery systems seriously. I'm a heavy drinker. Of water.)
Walking happened this afternoon, too: up to the nearest post office to drop off a card for octoberland (who's flying home to Massachusetts as I write this), then back home via a neighborhood bookstore. I bought a used copy of Going Nucular: Language, Politics and Culture in Confrontational Times by Geoffrey Nunberg, who contributes language essays to Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I read one piece that theorizes that we say "like" when quoting someone else because we're kind of performing what that person said, and likely paraphrasing it, which might make sense. That was enough to make me want to buy it. Plus it was a hardcover for $3.50, so not bad.

Maybe when I'm done with it I'll send it to shadesong, or some other language appreciater...
There may be such a thing as Too Many Swedish Fish. But I haven't reached that point yet.
Today's a good day for a milkshake. Neither of the ice creams I have in the freezer right now are ideal for that -- they have big chunks of chocolate or toffee in 'em, which Mr. Blender might not be able to make into sufficiently little bits (it might just turn those chunks into flavored sludge) -- but it might still be worth it.
REMINDER FOR PORTLAND PEEPS (yeah, it sounds weird for me to say "peeps," but it's my blog): I plan to attend the late Tuesday night showing of the pilot of Firefly, at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Mission Theatre. (Here's what I wrote about it before.) It'll be a late night, but I'll manage.
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