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Why not a grab-bag?:

* A thought that crosses my mind surprisingly often: "There should be a book about that." (Actually I usually phrase it "There's a book in there," but that could be interpreted literally, and hey, there are many places where having a book in said place would be really uncomfortable, so...yeah. Jeez, I try to be clearer and I get tangled in my metaphorical spider-web...)

Example: Someone should write a book about the behind-the-scenes wrangling that kept Pixar from leaving Disney, and helped Pixar and Disney work together well again, in the process granting Pixar head John Lasseter the sort of control over Disney Animation that Walt Disney himself used to have. I only know a little bit about that saga (mainly the bad feelings over Toy Story 2) and I know enough to think it'd be a fascinating read for a media geek like me. Kind of like Bill Carter's The Late Shift, about the Leno-Letterman who-goes-where? wrangling that got Leno to The Tonight Show and Letterman to CBS. I've read that book quite often.

* Someone wasn't paying attention at 94.7 (the station I wrote extensively about here). A little after 10:00 the station's "Live Saturday" programming got interrupted by the first 10 minutes of the show Passport Approved, which airs Sunday evenings; then finally someone caught what was going on and stopped playing it, and got back to the live tracks.

* Said live tracks have included Simple Minds doing "Alive and Kicking." I genuinely missed that song; it didn't get airplay for many years (at least not when I was listening), and the band usually was represented on the radio by "Don't You Forget About Me" from The Breakfast Club, but it plays more often now and this child of the '80s is glad. (I first wrote "appears" but changed it to "plays" 'cause, really, how can something appear on the radio? Yes I think about these language things...)

* I've read a large chunk of the webcomic Questionable Content this morning, from around comic #490 to past #540 (and still going; there are 900-plus of these things so far). I'm glad I knew beforehand that #500 was the start of a very heavy point in the storyline -- basically Faye admitting what had caused her breakdown, and yeah, I'd've had trouble dealing with what she'd had to deal with -- so I could go into it a little more emotionally prepared. (I'll say no more. Other than "Man, that's an attractive cast of women in QC...")

* Sounds like Radio God Don Geronimo (who I started listening to all the way back in 1984, when he was the afternoon DJ on then-Top 40 station WAVA in D.C., all the way before he hooked up with Mike O'Meara) will retire next year. He deserves the break, especially after the weirdness and tragedy he's been through the last few years.

Don's been making cracks about a book ("It'll be in The Book!"). I hope he's actually serious about that.

* I'm a little bummed out that Music Millennium is closing one of its two stores next month. The store is regrouping to be sure it survives financially, consolidating its operations in its original East Burnside store. I'm a fan and a patron of the place -- hey, it's the first brick-and-morter I've seen selling Sooj! -- so I'll patronize the original store after the NW location closes.

I went to the NW store Tuesday night, by the way, before heading to the Mission for the opening night of its Firefly showings. I got the new Art Brut, "Weird Al" Yankovic's Polka Party! (one of his CDs I didn't have) and Ennio Morricone's score to Once Upon a Time in the West. The store employees seemed subdued. I found out later they'd gotten the news the day before.

* This long enough? I'll say it's long enough.
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