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Firefly at the Mission, Week 2

(This is a delayed post. Exhaustion + no actual deadline = delay in conveying the coolness of Tuesday night.)

Can thrilling heroics include singing? If they can, then next time, let yourself sing, guys.

We had another packed Mission Theatre Tuesday night; Mike Russell learned the place came within 40 people of “selling out,” a phrase which here means “40 people away from starting to have to turn people away, because we can’t sell tickets to this, but still, lots of people eating and drinking while enjoying Firefly.” Wow; that’s a lot for two words to hold. Well done!

This time I arrived later than I had the week before, and wound up near the back of the line. At that point, just after 9:30, the end of the line was down one side of the block then around the corner on Flanders. It grew longer from there. At least one couple saw this Geek Mass, despaired of getting in, and left. Try next week, you two! But everyone I saw in line made it in. And I’m glad to say we were well-behaved while waiting.

Our more raucous side (our raucousosity!) asserted itself once inside, as it should in a pub. Russell MC’d again, asking trivia questions; I kept my mouth shut, because I’d suggested two of them. When balcony dwellers were the trivia contest winners, the KUFO and AM 970 swag-wranglers threw souvenir T-shirts up to the balcony.

Cort and Fatboy appeared in a new video intro for “The Train Job.” Cort made an announcement that made many of us happy (can I say what that was, Mike?). Fatboy uttered the phrase “do unspeakable things to Kaylee.” That made many of us happy, too (because, trust me, they’re good unspeakable things). They also gave us the image “Nathan Fillion in a clown costume juggling midgets.” If that made someone happy, um, er, I don’t want to know.

**(Edited To Add: I can announce: this screening series will end Tuesday, Sept. 4 with a free showing of the film Serenity. I waited to confirm that I did hear that properly and that it was OK to convey. Thanks, Mr. Russell!)**

One bit of their announcement may have backfired, though, because when Cort and Fatboy asked for us not to get too loud with the singing, when we got to the opening titles no one sang the theme song. At least, I didn’t hear anyone. I recited, quietly, myself, but the previous week’s lusty renditions were absent. C’mon people; Joss wants people singing his words. Don’t let Joss down. The Emperor Joss is not as forgiving as I am…

(Oy with the fandom-mixin’, Chris…)

A really cool surprise followed: “Breaking Atmo,” a short video commemorating the NASA astronauts delivering the DVDs of Firefly and Serenity to the International Space Station. I flashed on my friend greyduck asking “I wonder what it would be like to watch “Out Of Gas” while orbiting the planet inside of a work-in-progress space station…”

And then we watched “The Train Job.” Those of us in line to purchase food and drinks kneeled or sat or otherwise contorted ourselves so we could see the screen without the balcony blocking the view.

Rick Emerson graced us with his video presence next, “shamelessly pimping” his show (middays 11 to 3, Monday through Friday, geek-friendly, keeps me sane at work, end fan-assisted plug) and introducing “Bushwhacked.” Which made me hope nothing bad happens to him because he said “Bush” and “whacked.” And with the episode’s closing (and many of us reciting the Mutant Enemy logo guy saying “Grr, argh,” so at least there was that), we all made our way for home. I hope we all slept well.

And all y’all in and near Portland have seven more chances to join this insanity. Next Tuesday, remember…
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