Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

After the latest (and, thank goodness, not "lastest") "Firefly at the Mission"

It must be said: Damn, Joss Whedon attracts attractive fandoms. ("Attracts Attractive Fandoms" could be his Native name...) Geek-babes abounded last night (and the first two nights of Firefly at the Mission, too). I'm sure there were geek-studs, too, but I'm not a good judge of that. In short: eye candy for everyone. Kind of like Joss Whedon's TV shows...

OK, I wanted to get that off my chest.

We're doing well: We again packed the Mission Theatre last night for two episodes of Firefly. Even by 9, when I showed up, we'd already formed a substantial line. We visited with each other, knitted, pondered, or read (the woman near me was reading a Nancy Drew parody; she mentioned the term "the lesbian erotica version") while a light breeze kept us comfortably cool. Entering went smoothly, food ordering seemed to go smoothly as well, and we settled in to most every seat.

Mike Russell succeeded in stumping us all on one of the most technical trivia questions so far ("What were the technical specs of Jayne's gun that he offered in exchange for Saffron?" No, I can't even remember, let alone recite, the answer) and even stumped us all, briefly, on what fictional company made a cameo in the Firefly pilot. (It was Weyland-Yutani from Alien, and you see it on the gunner's station Mal commandeers during the Battle of Serenity Valley.)

Oh, and the woman who floated through the theatre snapping pictures? Russell informed us she's from Dark Horse Comics, publisher of (among many other things) various Joss Whedon-penned comics, and is doing an article on our ongoing communal Firefly-watching.

It was a crowd-pleasing night: "Shindig," about the formal dress ball (with Kaylee being especially adorable in that epically frilly dress) and the sword-fighting duel between Mal and Atherton, and "Safe," with River getting to dance right, um, er, right before the kidnapping (but hey, it's a chance to watch a trained ballet dancer like Summer Glau dance happily, and I like that). We all cheered mightily at the line "BIG damn heroes!"

Next week: we'll get introduced to Saffron ("Our Mrs. Reynolds"). Oh, and people did, thank goodness, sing the Firefly theme song this time (see? you can do it!), as well as do the "Grr, Argh," but next week we had BETTER sing "The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!," 'cause "Jaynestown" is on the bill.

There. More written proof that our Firefly screenage indeed happened.
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