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Why I <3 Terry Gilliam Reason Number Ten Gabrilzion

Quickly while breaking (not braking, 'cause blogging and driving don't mix):

Recently I watched the DVD of The Brothers Grimm (I bought it for a friend). And I have to give props to its director Terry Gilliam: less than half a minute into his commentary, he admits that he thought Ehren Kruger's script for Grimm was bad. "I didn't like it. But I was unemployed at the time..."

Gilliam and his writing partner Tony Grisoni (the two who wrangled scripts out of both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Good Omens -- an unproduced script Neil Gaiman was ecstatic about) did significant re-writing on Grimm (they credited themselves as "Dress Pattern Makers"; inside joke), but the basic story works on a concept that's just so ehhhhh (and was, I suspect, done much better in Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's The Frighteners). They were working from a bad foundation, in my opinion.

Still, thank you, Terry Gilliam, for perspective. Now could someone win $100 million in the lottery and give it to him so he can make some movies??!!

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