Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I am the Vacationeer

Vacation? Started. I'm not-at-work! \o/

I've left an entry at the top of my LJ telling people how to get in touch with me from now through Monday, as I travel and such. Weddings Are Love. (Well, obviously...)

As for today, today is a preparing day. I'll launder, I'll pack, I'll gather the accoutrements necessary for travelage. (No, I don't know why I'm writing this way today.)

I treated myself to breakfast at Genie's, as going during the week is not possible on my usual schedule (its hours are 8 to 3, when I need to be in the office) so going today was a good way to signal to myself that I'm on Vacation Time. I trust their specials (I like being able to trust a restaurant's specials), so I had a shiitake mushroom frittata. First frittata I've ever had. I liked it. (I'm actually not that good at writing about food, and I don't feel like trying to learn how to do so right now.) I went a little more traditional with a side of bacon (which gave me these delightfully unexpected moments where a bite of bacon would seemingly melt, releasing a more diffuse taste) and a little less traditional with a cup of tangerine juice. All in all, a treat. I walked to and from the restaurant, deliberately taking a longer route home (including up and down a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks, the bridge behind the Fireside Coffee Lodge, if you know your Portland geography) so I'd work off a little more of that food.

I'll hit the sack early tonight. I'll get up at oh-my-God:30 tomorrow morning to take a cab to PDX...
Tags: peregrinations

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