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I again geek out over Firefly at the Mission

Another happy night of big-screen Firefly appreciation! Woo hoo!

(Notice right off: Others must grab the mantle of chronicling next week's show for posterity. I'll be preparing to go back to work after a vacation, and I need to be especially bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the office Wednesday morning. Thus I'll miss "Out of Gas" and "Ariel." Phoo. But YOU can see it!)

Oy: Passing the Mission at 8:20 p.m. Tuesday, earliest I've ever shown up at these screenings, and people already were waiting, two hours before doors would open. Yet more proof we're dedicated! I walked over to the Nob Hill Old Pharmacy Cafe to get my drink of choice: a hazelnut Italian soda with half-and-half, which was both sweet and nutty. Which led to me and a guy in line to discussing what Firefly character is truly "sweet and nutty." His idea: maybe Badger, in his weird way ("he does seem to care about what's going on in their lives," he said); Kaylee's totally sweet, of course, but not really nutty enough to qualify. We also wondered who else could sing the Firefly theme song: I suggested Nick Cave, he suggested Joan Jett. He then said, "Lou Reed?" And we both imitated Reed (surprisingly easy). We also decided that an opera rendition is Right Out.

More people showed up dressed in Firefly-ish gear this time. Some of the ensembles were actually pretty...I first wrote "fancy," but "fancy" ain't the right word for great chunks of the Firefly 'verse, so maybe "elaborate." The shirt-and-vest ensemble the especially enthusiastic Mike Russell wore wasn't fancy, but it was right. Do this more, people!

We got in even more efficiently this time: the Mission staff checked ID and stamped lots of people outside before they entered. The radio station redshirts (not that way!) also passed out KUFO stickers and the lyrics to "The Hero of Canton" -- wait, does that song have an official title? (Edited To Add: Yes. It is. Confirmation c/o Mr. Russell.) Dark Horse Comics people, two people this time, also passed out stickers ("I <3 Dark Horse") to the line people.

Festivities included guitarist Christopher Wallace ("Not the Notorious B.I.G.," I said to myself), who sang both "The Hero of Canton" and the Firefly theme; makes sense, as group singing is worthwhile and to be encouraged (he encouraged, encouragingly), and prepared us a little more for the night's airings.

There also were trivia questions, with such prizes as rare-ish comic books, a Serenity PVC set, a Serenity ornament, and a Serenity-disguised-as-a-Reaver-ship ornament as winnable swag (thanks, Dark Horse and Things From Another World). I could have -- could have, I tell you! -- answered the Titan A.E. question (that was the film whose screenwriters included Joss Whedon and Ben Edlund), but I'm sure the prize went to a worthy winner (he grumbled, grumble-ingly... I kid! I kid!). That's because I also know and can share this story: Whedon mentioned once that he and his wife attended Titan A.E.'s world premiere, and -- how to put this delicately? -- neither of them were happy with how the film turned out. As they drove home, his wife said to him, "Say something funny, to remind me you are."

(That didn't put Whedon off writing, obviously: why, he's doing an online comic for Dark Horse!)

Then the intros came back! Cort and Fatboy pimped their show before "Our Mrs. Reynolds." Then before "Jaynestown," Rick Emerson ranted about the lack of broadcast intros last week, saying he had filmed one relating to Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark (HOW is his name spelled? HOW is it pronounced? DID he eat the fly? And other rants in his special style) and it had not been shown, implying that someone or something had FAILED. So he attempted to broadcast those thoughts directly into the audience's minds, Jedi-style. (Except, shoot. He's not a Jedi. Points for effort, though...)

I had to duck out of the showing early, halfway through "Jaynestown," because I needed to get an early start the next day. But I saw what I could, and lots of you good people saw all of the Firefly entertainment provided that night. I'm pretty fond of "Our Mrs. Reynolds," not just due to its Saffron nudity but also due to its (I think) especially good moment for Wash: his reaction to Saffron attempting to hit on him. You really see how much he loves Zoe, on general principles, not just because he and Zoe get to make wild passionate love. It's a genuine moment in an episode full of genuine moments...all spurred by someone lying. Elegant.

Enjoy next week, y'all!
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