Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Miscellaneous San Francisco impressions (3rd SF post)

I napped for an hour or so after that first long walk (the Thai iced coffee didn't prevent it!). I turned on Radio Alice, though it turned out that Jayn (a DJ I like who used to be in Portland) was off today. I'll try to hear her Monday, then...

I did another big walk this afternoon, after napping. I walked up, and I mean "up," Jones Street to the top of its hill, hoping to see the bay north of the peninsula. It was socked in, so no sign of Alcatraz, oh well. The other views were staggering, though. At one cross street I sat down on a curb, looked down towards the next cross street, and figured I was 5 to 6 stories higher than that street.

I am amazed at the engineering that was required to build this city. San Francisco is amazing.

On that walk, I saw this sign:

Ice Cream

Hopefully not all at once, I thought...

And finally for now, I am a film music dork: earlier I was trying to think of music related to San Francisco and the first thing to come to mind was Hans Zimmer's theme to The Rock...
Tags: music, out-of-context theater!, peregrinations, radio

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