Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A mildly maudlin moment

At the rehearsal dinner tonight (dreamy gourmet pizza from Pauline's Pizza in the Mission District) was a server who reminded me of a woman I knew in college.

A woman very high on my list of "women I should have asked out, damnit."

Story of my life: not doing stuff. I never knew if this college friend of mine was even available, because I never asked, and I never gleaned from context whether she was taken or available or what. And I've done this a lot, so the result is that I'll get a crush and know Ms. Whomever isn't available, or just subconsciously assume that, and nothing happens other than the life I have.

And the thing is, I know what I need to do: be more active, do more stuff, meet more people. I need to volunteer again, maybe at an animal shelter or an animal hospital. I drifted away from my volunteer work at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts in part because I was one of the very few twentysomethings volunteering: the vast majority were middle-aged or retirement age. And I want to aim for someone, um, closer to my age.

It's possible. I have to remember that. (Hmm. Maybe I should volunteer at Oregon Ballet Theatre...I do like the look of dancers...)

I don't plan to use LJ for dating purposes. That would just remind me of the rather large number of lesbians I know. ;-) Again, that whole "not available" thing.

OK. Wanted to get that off my chest. (And yes, Kat, I'm still straight. San Francisco won't make me gay!)

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