Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That was Happy Sleep Time

Me likes good sleep.

Me gots the good sleepy at hotel.

(Hi. I'll stop talking like that now.)

The rehearsal dinner at Pauline's Pizza went from 7 to about 9:30, and around 10 I was back at the Beresford Arms. I'd started semi-napping at the pizza place so yeah, I was in need of sleep.

I'm also proud of myself: I took two rolls of pictures at the dinner, and late in the event got praised from two separate people that I'd done a good job of not being instrusive. As that was totally my intention, to be like a camera-armed ghost, I feel good about that praise. I wasn't going for posed pictures, and the informal stuff I'm doing should be a lovely supplement to the official wedding photo stuff. We'll find out for sure when they're developed (yes I still haven't leapt into the digital camera world), but I feel confident.

My cousin Steph, her husband Paul (the two who got married at Lake Tahoe) and their daughter Eloisa should get here from Reno around noon. We board a shuttle bus for Livermore around 3:15 this afternoon. I can lollygag until then.

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