Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Destination: Nowhere (yet)"

Eef. (I'm avoiding swearing, as this is a public place.) My 6:45 flight to Portland got cancelled for "United reasons" (United's phrasing), so I've been booked on the 10:20 flight. Into PDX at midnight. Maybe. I hope.

I've been stuck like this in San Francisco International Airport before, when I was a kid. My brother TJ was, too, and he found a little bit of money by checking phone machine's change returns. Hell, this time I found a nickel on the floor. I'm following in his footsteps!

Strangely, I've been reasonably OK with the flight cancellation. I actually got more frustrated (grumble grumble) when I tried -- twice -- to call my folks to let them know, and something cut me off, played me a "Thank you for your message" recording, then disconnected me. I'm calling from a pay phone using a calling card when this happens. You do NOT want to make a pay phone call with a calling card; it vacuums up minutes.

So I used The Internet. (Gmail, specifically. So: I REALLY REALLY THANK YOU, zarhooie, FOR THAT ACCOUNT!) They'll know. And I'll go. Eventually.


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