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Much of yesterday I spent with my brother's family, who were recovering from their Friday flights from Virginia to Oregon. That part of my family is my brother Thomas Munroe Walsh, Jr. (a.k.a. either T.J. or "Teej"; I like that we managed to reduce his seven-syllable name to one syllable), his wife Cindy, and their 5-year-old twin sons Robbie and Eric. They were (my parents' term) "rummy-dummy" when they arrived, and had I visited them Friday night I'd've needed to sleep in a sleeping bag which I didn't want to do, so I waited until the next morning to visit. We were all much more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by Saturday...

In fact, chasing (and being chased by) the boys around my folks' large backyard ensued. So did the posting of sticky-notes to all sorts of things in the not-quite-kid-proofed house, saying things like "Do Not Touch," "Okay To Touch" and "Do Not Move Signs Around." The boys are smart enough (even when they get a little ornery) to know what those notes mean. Yes, reading comprehension helps much, it's good to see!

In the afternoon we drove out to a playground, and Robbie and Eric made a friend, a four-year-old boy named Coda who was hanging out near his family's picnic and riding a three-wheeled scooter (properly helmeted, too; well-trained kid). My nephews also climbed playground equipment with a fair amount of aplomb. We said "Yay!" more than once. Too bad they missed the puppy; a young man brought his eight-week-old Yellow Lab-Australian Shepherd mix Shadow to the playground and got him to ride the slides, which was phenomenally cute. Shadow was an enthusiastic young boy, I'm happy to say. Driving back to the house we passed another playground, with a large red climbing net that looked really neat. And as the boys are getting into Spider-Man, they'd probably especially enjoy that playground.

Saturday night's dinner was an exercise in meeting the boys' diet needs (T.J. and Cindy have them on a gluten-free, casein-free diet; in other words, rice, chicken and veggies are their friends) and in showing the kids what the big word "compromise" means. Eric, for whatever 5-year-old reasons, didn't want the light on over the kitchen table, and kept walking over to the light switch and turning it off. So my Dad took a break from cooking pasta (wheat pasta in tomato sauce for the adults, rice pasta in cool animal shapes and with pesto sauce for the boys, and nicely-seasoned chicken chunks for all of us) to adjust the light to its least-amount-of-light setting. That satisfied all of us. At least satisfied us enough.

Today this midday, almost the whole fam-damily (as we say) will pile into cars to go to Sun River, in the Oregon Cascades, and they'll stay in a house there until Wednesday or Thursday. I won't be able to go (work + a doctor's appointment = Oh You're No Fun Anymore), so I hope they take photos. I wish them fun, and the energy to have said fun! No surprise, 5-year-old twins can take a lot of energy from you...

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