Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

All over the place (a few happy posts, a few sad posts, a few odd posts)

This was an interesting weekend; lots of emotional ground covered. And I blogged several of those moments, and I wanted to link back to them. Happy moments, sad moments. (I'm better, Kat.)

On Friday, I amused myself on the job.

I also marked a tough anniversary, the death 10 years ago of one of my best friends...and then, later in the weekend, told you more about him, because he deserves to be known. I have at least one more entry I want to write, to cover still more...

But meanwhile, in keeping with my plan to keep myself amused and happy, I saw Stardust, and said a quick thing about it, then a longer thing about it.

And speaking of happy, on Saturday I played with my energetic and funny twin nephews, as the little Virginians who look vaguely like me acclimated to Oregon.

(Heh. Local DJ Daria O'Neill just uttered the term "botulism strawberries." This also amuses me.)

And in the "odd" column, because oddness definitely can happen around me, I was surprised and confused by someone saying something ignorant. Oh, and later I admitted that sometimes I confuse even myself. And also odd was my reaction to the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. (Though that two-word review doesn't beat my one-word review of the film Hannibal, because that one-word review was "Ugh"...)

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