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Obeying going on under your nose, Firefly eps going on above your head...

I am just over a day away from my triumphant return to Firefly at the Mission. I can tell you're excited. (I wish I could've gone last week, but I would've been beyond "wiped out" at both the screening and the next day at work, thanks to adventures in getting the hell home.)

Tuesday's two shows are "War Stories" (the capture of Mal and Wash and the latest surprise proffered by River) and "Trash" (Saffron finally gets Mal naked; I know, I'm known to note the nudity). The Wikis on these two are helpfully linked at both the main "Firefly at the Mission" page above, and, hey!, rights here in my here journal. I've read them finally. I didn't know you can see Jubal Early's vessel in "Trash"... Interesting...

Dept. of Full Disclosure Dept.! I'm tempted to go early to the Mission; the movie showing beforehand Tuesday is Live Free or Die Hard. I've wanted one of these weeks to show up early, buy a ticket to a movie, and have dinner at a time that works better for me than after 10. I encourage others to do the same; just watch the listings and see if you like what you see. Another way of supporting the Mission! And it'd feel less like I'm cheating by getting in before all y'all in line. ;-)
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