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Chris Walsh

He's Joss Whedon and he approves this shindig (Firefly at the Mission, Week 6)

Joss knows.

Feel good about Firefly at the Mission, folks: Joss Whedon knows about it, and he’s glad to know it’s happening.

That was a tidbit I learned last night while the lot of us (Mike Russell guessed 225 to 250) gathered once again for two more episodes, the life-death-and-marriage drama of “War Stories” and the more comic, robbery-makes-strange-bedfellows story of “Trash.”

Once again the Dark Horse Comics reps (at least one of whom works with Joss directly) were among us, experiencing our energy and helping to feed it. They showed some of the event organizers inked pages from Serenity: Better Days, the upcoming Firefly miniseries that Whedon and Brett Matthews are writing. I just barely glimpsed the pages; The One True b!x completely missed seeing them. (Russell told me to mention that. He used the phrase “kicking himself afterward.” Mr. b!x, you have a chance to respond… (Edit: And Mr. b!x does rebut…So, Mr. Russell, there was a leetle more to this story, hmm?)) The Dark Horse people (Dark Horsers? Certainly not the Dark Horsies…OK, I’ll stop) also provided further prizes for the trivia contest. I’d like to say that I had NOTHING to do with choosing the trivia questions this time, though in my last Firefly entry I inadvertently provided an answer to one…

Cort and Fatboy provided both of the intros (Rick Emerson was unavailable to pimp himself, but we still love him), being themselves in the first and sort-of-kind-of imitating Emerson in the second. (“Coffee…coffee…movie reference…Viso…Scotty J. sucks…”)

Maybe it was a combo of my missing last week plus my being especially tired, but our responses seemed more explosive last night. The laugh lines got (I thought) louder laughs; the moments where Serenity’s crew rub each other the wrong way got (I thought) especially loud “Oooooo”s. Whatever happened, the energy was there and the energy was good. Keep it up.

Other quick tidbits:

* Music! A stereo played songs, both fan-penned filks and official soundtrack stuff (the “Fruity Oaty Bar” jingle!), and some stuff somewhere in between, like Adam “Jayne” Baldwin singing “The Hero of Canton.” (Russell posted a page of links to those songs here.) I won’t yet analyze it, but I like that much of fandom expresses its fan-love through music, and I like that Firefly has had lots of worthwhile music (I keep going back to how terrific I find David Newman’s score for the film).

* Dancing! Mike Russell finally dance the promised dance from last week, and the dance was something very Oktoberfest-ery. He has made it abundantly clear he won’t do that again, which means if there is to be dancing again, we must do it. (Ahem: WE MUST DO IT!) (Yes, I’m suggestin’…We could even do a conga line entering the theatre one of these nights…)

* Newbies! We’ve had Firefly semi-virgins among us, people making their first pass through this story. I hope they’re liking it. And I hope we’re not scaring them. We have a welcoming fandom here, people; keep it open and welcome and good stuff like that!

* Arriving early! It works. I bought a ticket to Live Free or Die Hard – yep, I’m fond of the Die Hard flicks, I make no apologies, not even for the more cartoonish Die Harder – and I wasn’t the only one. More time to relax, more time to eat, more support to the Mission…but it still felt a little like cheating, to get in early like that.

Next week we get a flashback to the war (“The Message”) and the crew of Serenity defending the embattled brothel (“Heart of Gold”) – an episode that brought Melinda Clarke into the Firefly ’verse, which probably delighted several friends of mine…
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