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I only use my tour guide skills for good!

My good deed for the evening: A mother and her son asked for my help finding where they parked. And I actually helped them find it.

OHSU has a dauntingly confusing campus -- let me put it this way, walking a level path from the Multnomah Pavilion to the VA Hospital takes you through a second floor, a first floor, a ninth floor and a second floor, without ever going up or down a ramp or a flight of stairs -- and I was wending my way off of it, walking down Campus Drive towards Terwilliger Blvd. and the paths down the east side of the hill. I walked past the two family members. The son, I'm guessing about age 6 or 7, actually called to me first, which surprised me, but then I turned around and I asked him and the mom if they needed help. The mom told me they needed to find their car. That could be any number of lots or garages. The best clue was that, though they'd wound up near Doernbecher Children's Hospital, they'd been to OHSU's Maternity Ward, which is most decidedly NOT in Doernbecher ("Pediatric Maternity" is a pretty awful concept, isn't it? OK, even thinking that thought is my bad deed for the evening), so I figured they'd parked near the big main building. I told them I'd get them to OHSU's lobby and front desk, where someone could help them. I led them back up Campus Drive to the first floor of one building, rode an elevator (with another Pill Hill worker) up to the ninth floor (main floor of the complex, actually), and led them around two corners towards the main building.

And as luck would have it, the son recognized the parking garage across Sam Jackson Park Road, and a moment later his mom did, too. To be sure, I led them outside and around to the (not totally obvious) nearest crosswalk, and the mom thanked me and headed off into the garage.

I led. It's possible. I helped. That's definitely possible.
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