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Prepare for the most boring thing in the world: me trying to speak and interpret legalese! (I hope this doesn't horrify Tarah...)

Long story short (it seems to me): author Harlan Ellison and publishers Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, the runners of Fantagraphics, agree to stop having anything to do with each other, as it apparently brings pain and tsuris and madness to both sides. I hope this actually does mean the end of years of head-butting between Ellison and the Fantagraphics people. (And I'm impressed that the court and the mediator got the two sides to agree on stuff!)

The actions:

* "The plaintiff [Ellison] agrees to dismiss the lawsuit in its entirety with prejudice."

* "The Parties [Plaintiff Ellison and Defendents Gary Groth and Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics] agree and acknowledge that this agreement is the result of a compromise and shall not at any time be construed by the Parties, their attorneys or anyone else as an admission by any Party of any liability of any kind. The Parties further acknowledge that Defendents specifically deny any liability or responsibility for any injuries or damages allegedly suffered by Plaintiff."

* Neither side pays the other side; both sides are covering their own legal costs.

* Ellison on one side and Groth and Thompson on the other agree to stop ad hominen personal attacks on each other.

* Two passages from the Fantagraphics Books publication Comics As Art: We Told You So will be removed.

* The Comics Journal Library 6: The Writers, should it be reissued in the future, will have Ellison's name removed from its cover, and a section of the book (including an interview with Ellison) deleted.

This is the PDF version of the settlement. And this is the html version of the settlement. (I saw the links at the top of this message board at the Harlan Ellison-affiliated website. Fantagraphics has its own copy of the settlement here (PDF form, 1.1 MB-sized). I hope they're the same, or oy with the tsuris again...)

Edited To Add: Mark Rahner of the Seattle Times has written an article about the settlement.



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