Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Basil Poledouris In His Own Words Part Seven: BUGS!!!!!

Basil Poledouris spent most of 1997 concocting the insane score to the insane beautiful-space-Nazis-fight-space-bugs flick Starship Troopers.

The film was pushed from summer 1997 to that fall -- giving the filmmakers a chance to significantly revise how the alien bugs looked in the film (the original teaser trailer from late '96, with the wave attack of hundreds of bugs swarming into that valley, shows the original main design) -- and while Starship Troopers ultimately flopped, the longer schedule gave Poledouris the time and the chance to build the score in a much more organic, lateral-thinking way: the music is complicated and non-obvious and at times disturbing, and it by the way KICKS GIGANTIC PILES OF ASS. (Um, yeah, I'm a slightly deranged fan of this score.) A telling quote:
We have an organ [for the "Brain Bug" sequence], which we were afraid to play because of the acoustics in the room. It's pretty outrageous. We spent two days trying to decide whether it should be an organ, so instead of just making it an organ, I wrote what could easily have been played by an organ, but for the whole orchestra. You have to flip in and out of being concerned with going too far over the top, but the whole thing's over the top anyway, so why not go all the way?
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