Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sweet, sweet slumber

I was almost goofy-exhausted by the end of my travels yesterday. Those travels included going to the blood donation center, having a late breakfast at the Tiny's on MLK (bagel with hummus, cukes and more), an afternoon trip to NW Portland to visit Music Millennium's soon-to-close store (after which I'll make sure to patronize the remaining store, as I want Music Millennium to stick around), eating a late lunch (a good black bean soup at Rose's Deli on NW 23rd), then a stop on the way home at Border's for more shopping. I had a packed backpack by the end of all of that.

I was a consumer whore ('And how!') yesterday, and here's the stuff I bought:

At Music Millennium: Richard Thompson, Front Parlor Ballads, my first RT disc
Tori Amos, American Doll Posse
John Williams's score to Empire of the Sun (amazingly, I've never seen this film, but it's come well-recommended; its reputation has grown over the years)

At Border's: the DVD of MirrorMask, for Alicia
David Newman's score to the film Serenity
The MMP (Mass Market Paperback) of Caitlin R. Kiernan's novel Low Red Moon, which strangely was not in Horror (where her stuff usually shows up) but in Science Fiction; I'm glad I thought to check there.

I also ordered from Border's a copy of the new DVD of Serenity. The clerk who helped me griped that the store had only received two copies of that DVD, and they went fast. (Portland Browncoats represennnnnt!) I'll pick that up in a week or two.

During these travels (peregrinations! I can call them peregrinations! Thanks, Peter David, for teaching me that word!), I finished reading Blaze, the early Stephen King novel that King has finally published as a Bachman Book. Good, brutal, sad stuff...and there's a short story in the book ("Memory") that's even sadder. I mean REALLY sad. And one more thing about "Memory": King really puts his experience with physical therapy to use in that story.

By the end of all this, by the time I got home, I was dragging and my mind was on strike. Then I started resting, and (eventually) sleeping. Sleep was deeply restorative last night, and I'm so glad for that...
Tags: books, firefly/whedon, music, peregrinations, portland

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