Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Weekend Part, Erm, Uh, Point-Seven-Nine

Still recapping:

I had toyed with leaving Portland Friday after rush hour, reaching Olympia that night and then leaving extra early for Seattle. By Thursday, I knew that nope, that wasn’t the best use of my time, because A) a bed might not be available that night and B) I still had paperwork to finish for my new job and a critique I needed to write for an agency. (The agency is going to help Matt Spencer get The Night & the Land published.) So yes, last Friday night I wrote. And filled out forms. Oh hush: paperwork makes the world work.

Turns out in the increasing tiredness as the night moved on, I made an error in the critique that, well, at least it amused Matt: near the end I started referring to the book’s main character Rob as if he were the book’s author. Oops. I still remember a press kit for Lethal Weapon 3 that made a similar mistake, mixing up at least one actor’s name with that actor’s character; it’d be like saying “Martin Riggs plays Mel Gibson.” (I said like; no publicist would make a mistake that big.)

Continuing the end-of-week excitement, my big errand before hitting the road was going to Kinko’s. I had a prepaid FedEx envelope for my new-job paperwork; I added photocopies of my driver’s license and Social Security card; I sealed it and left it for delivering. After that, gas. After that, two hours on the road with Radiohead and The Fellowship of the Ring on my stereo. And then…

…well, “then” is below. Scroll down. Can’t hurt ya.
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